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We all carry information. Ordering and translating such into my world of pictures is the subject of my work. I often start with photo sketches which I transfer using different methods. This not only strengthens reality, it also puts it into perspective, expressing my current state of understanding. It invites the viewer to search for the core of the matter.

28 December 2011

in the park II

2011 © Thomas Widmer

in the park I

In the Park

Joachim Ringelnatz

Beneath a very little tree stood a very little fawn
Enhanced as in dreams on the lawn.
That was at night, at twelve-ten.
Before dawn, at four at least
I happened to pass by again,
And there, still a-dream, was the little beast.
I crept slowly, as still as can be,
Against the breeze to the tree,
Gave the doe a peck, drew away.
It was made of clay.

2011 © Thomas Widmer


December's focus was on practicing my routine in edging.

I was either working in soft-ground (the following) or

2011 © Thomas Widmer

drypoint technique (all the others). It is fascinating work that needs tremendous time, with various cycles of proofs and refinements :)

2011 © Thomas Widmer

2011 © Thomas Widmer

2011 © Thomas Widmer

07 December 2011

today (in december)

2011 © Thomas Widmer

Plan to use one of above charcoal drawings for my next etching. Did both yesterday and today... 

22 November 2011


2011 © Thomas Widmer

1 Dec - Print study, done in the vernis mou technic, allowing to draw on a plate that is used for printing. The basis was my drawing in charcoal completed on 19 Nov

2011 © Thomas Widmer

23 Nov - Print study, mixing charcoal techinc with the original photo. Black color is used for intaglio, red for relief printing
2011 © Thomas Widmer
Left:: 21 Nov - Study, charcoal & pastel on paper, washed / Right:: 19 Nov - Study, charcoal

14 November 2011

some more

2011 © Thomas Widmer

Still continue to work with charcoal... I like the technic the longer the more...

11 November 2011

save the date

One of my gravures will be on display at oxyd Kunsträume. The opening is on 31 Dec 2011 from 19:00 till 01:00 CET. Hope to see you all!

03 November 2011


2011 © Thomas Widmer

More fun than serious (for now...) - was running around in Zurich and on my way back used the app Brushes...

01 November 2011

crumbling experience

2011 © Thomas Widmer

Today's focus was to draw with charcoal - a crumbling experience... but much better - for insiders - than listening to a webcast ;) Unbelievable that I just recently did my luggage, as illustrated below... Your feedback is always very welcome...


2011 © Thomas Widmer

The above two pictures are part of a new serie I am working on. They combine photos and drawing with charcoal and pastel

27 October 2011

end of 1st quarter

2011 © Thomas Widmer

School's 1st quarter just ended, with lot of new experiences and many studies as the outcome, some of them using technics I would never tried without becoming an art student...

2011 © Thomas Widmer

2011 © Thomas Widmer

The above combine one of my etchings with one of my photos, or are done using ink and

 2011 © Thomas Widmer

... and - last but not least - another self-portait of myself and two sketches using different groupings and technics

23 October 2011

brothers (no twin)

2011 © Thomas Widmer

I spent lot of time in drawing with ink, something I never did in the past in such a systematic way! Above combines 15+ portraits in one - brothers but not (yet) a twin :)

11 October 2011

history II

2011 © Thomas Widmer

Was not only using today to "move" my office home but also to go thru some of my older stuff... there is more on my facebook account (if interested)

history I

Today was my moving day:: some books were not making it to my home...

30 September 2011

some fun II

Did my first aquatint... not yet perfect but a start! Practising continues to keep me busy - as students should do!


2011 © Thomas Widmer