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Leipzig / Germany and Winterthur / Switzerland
We all carry information. Ordering and translating such into my world of pictures is the subject of my work. I often start with photo sketches which I transfer using different methods. This not only strengthens reality, it also puts it into perspective, expressing my current state of understanding. It invites the viewer to search for the core of the matter.

21 February 2012


2012 © Thomas Widmer

Was using the day to play around with stop motion - something not really serious... the first I ever did

16 February 2012

suzanne and edward II





 2012 © Thomas Widmer

Spent all week to continue working on my sketching and and animating... a thrilling work! Still some scenes to go, and some more drawings to make the scenes more moving

09 February 2012

suzanne and edward I

2012 © Thomas Widmer

Started with my first animation by using Suzanne Vega's lyrics and Edward Hopper's drawings as an inspiration... some more scenes to go :)

06 February 2012

start of a new quarter

School's 2nd quarter ended last week, and the 3rd is just starting today. I learned a lot about printing, with focus on intaglio printing in dry point, etching on soft and hard ground. The topics of the new quarter's classes will be typography and motion - yeah, I will have to design and do a short motion movie. So thrilling what I am allowed to learned these days, compared to what I did over the last couple of years :)

2012 © Thomas Widmer
Relief printing:: We only got a lino plate, a cardboard and an eraser and were asked to develop a serie...

2012 © Thomas Widmer

Intaglio printing:: Etching on soft ground, with aquatint on top