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Leipzig / Germany and Winterthur / Switzerland
We all carry information. Ordering and translating such into my world of pictures is the subject of my work. I often start with photo sketches which I transfer using different methods. This not only strengthens reality, it also puts it into perspective, expressing my current state of understanding. It invites the viewer to search for the core of the matter.

26 February 2013

catch a monkey

2013 © Thomas Widmer
Charcoal on paper - 29.8 x 42 cm

13 February 2013

practicing more


2013 © Thomas Widmer

Some more studies in charcoal on paper - 29.8 x 42 cm

06 February 2013


2013 © Thomas Widmer

I am back to my current project for which I will draw a serie of pictures in indian ink. The above shows one subject for which I meanwhile did three different variations (all 38 x 57 cm)


2013 © Thomas Widmer
Mezzotint is an edging technique that works from dark to light, by "polishing" areas of the black plate to get tones

a simple landscape to study the effect of colors

2013 © Thomas Widmer
Color studies based on 3 plates done in aquatint (16 x 16 cm)



2013 © Thomas Widmer

Some studies in charcoal on paper - 29.8 x 42 cm / 42 x 59.5 cm


01 February 2013

schedule a trip to Winterthur :)

Impressions of last Friday's opening of "Vlado & Maria Ondrej - Atelier für Radierung Leipzig" at Kunst im Bauhof, Steinberggasse 61, 8400 Winterthur



Pls do not miss the following events:

Saturday, 2 February 2013, 12:00
Cynthia Gavranic, Kunsthistorikerin und Kunstvermittlerin

Saturday, 9 February 2013, 12:00
Aldo Mozzini, Künstler & Professor an der ZHdK
Saturday, 16 February 2013, 12:00
Dr Marc Fehlmann FRSA, Direktor Museum Oskar Reinhart