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Leipzig / Germany and Winterthur / Switzerland
We all carry information. Ordering and translating such into my world of pictures is the subject of my work. I often start with photo sketches which I transfer using different methods. This not only strengthens reality, it also puts it into perspective, expressing my current state of understanding. It invites the viewer to search for the core of the matter.

26 March 2013

lost stone

2013 © Thomas Widmer

Added another color to the litography I recently started, using the "lost stone" technique. Plan to add at least another one in the next couple of weeks

another litography ready for print

2013 © Thomas Widmer

growing work

2013 © Thomas Widmer

Continuing with the work for my qualifications. Meanwhile did more than 50 drawings with indian ink in the formats 28.5 x 38.5, 38.5 x 57, 57 x 76 cm

scraping II


2013 © Thomas Widmer

Another "false mezzotint" in progress, with different states(21 x 16 cm)

scraping I


2013 © Thomas Widmer

Continued with a "false mezzotint", above is showing different states of the same plate (16 x 16 cm)

finger exercises


2013 © Thomas Widmer

"Five minutes" finger exercises. Different formats, all in charcoal

01 March 2013

false mezzotint and lithography


2013 © Thomas Widmer

Currently working on another "false mezzotint" and my first lithography, using a pattern also done in indian ink. Focus is to find out the characteristics of different techniques
(1st lithography [wip], 2nd false mezzotint [wip], 3rd indian ink)