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Leipzig / Germany and Winterthur / Switzerland
We all carry information. Ordering and translating such into my world of pictures is the subject of my work. I often start with photo sketches which I transfer using different methods. This not only strengthens reality, it also puts it into perspective, expressing my current state of understanding. It invites the viewer to search for the core of the matter.

30 June 2016

bigger forrest

2016 © Thomas Widmer

Ink on paper, 66 x 101.6 cm each


2016 © Thomas Widmer

Ink on paper, 38 x 56 cm each

28 June 2016

finissage this sunday, 3 july

In today's local newspaper Der Landbote :) The exhibition's last day is on Sunday, 3 July, from 12 till 17:00. Would be great if you could make it

14 June 2016


2016 © Thomas Widmer

Color variations with up to 4 different colors, wood print on paper, five times 42 x 60 cm (plate) each, together 210 x 60 cm